It’s my intention to make a concerted effort to write regularly on this site in 2021. A resolution, I suppose.

Why? There’s no specific reason other than that I’ve somehow gotten it in my mind that this will be a worthwhile exercise in self-improvement. As they say, “clear writing means clear thinking,” so regardless of which way that statement correlates, hopefully I’ll wind up either better at writing or better at thinking. Maybe even both.

The plan is simple: write five posts on average per week during 2021.

The subject matter is irrelevant and the length is not material. The objective is simply to force myself to think about some subject enough so much as to distill an opinion or observation and render it clearly into text. Doing that enough times will hopefully have the desired effect.

So happy New Year, gentle reader. And look forward to at least a solid week’s worth more posts where this came from before I likely set this resolution aside to languish in the traditional manner.